This site offers ideas for songs for every Sunday in the Church year (plus special services), inspired by the main readings from the Revised Common Lectionary and any seasonal themes. Suggestions are given in the context of the flow of worship, using the almost universal pattern of gathering, Word, response and sending. It is currently being commissioned as a pilot by Trinity College, University of Glasgow.

It is written from a Scottish perspective but includes songs from around the world and in many different styles. There are a broad range of contemporary songs (defined as written in the last few decades rather than by genre) suggested to encourage worship planners to build new songs into their congregation’s repertoire.

You can find posts for the next few Sundays below. If you want to find other dates then these are listed on the Lectionary page by year (A, B and C). You can also find all posts containing a certain passage on the Scripture page.

There are notes in all of the posts about where to find songs and a list of acronyms used can be found on the Sources page. The suggestions are generally limited to books commonly available in the UK or songs available online, with the occasional exception made for outstanding songs which justify a bit more effort to get hold of.

About the writer

Iain McLarty is a professional musician and worship development worker based in Glasgow, Scotland. He has worked in different denominations and ecumenical settings around the world, leading worship in congregations and at conferences and delivering training. He is passionate about about helping people plan worship that is collaborative, participative and contextual, bringing their communities into encounter with God. (Photo credit: Albin Hillert/WCC)